Welcome to Team House

TeamHow Can We Solve Problems?

At TeamHouse, we concentrate on helping your business grow and operate more efficiently.

We explore how you operate more efficiently, communicate better, solve problems, and establish authority. Our main skills are custom software solutions, beautiful web design, and compelling content.

The heart of the world beats on local businesses. We want to empower your business to look great, attract new customers, and run smoothly.

That’s why Team House exists.


What We Do

Web Design

Basic Floor Plan – $2000

We build your website using either existing content or content (copywriting, photos, logos) you provide entirely. Using this plan, we can build a site within days of deciding on the design and look. Includes website, blog, and social media integration.

Site includes 4 pages to start, each costing $100/each to build. 

Standard Dwelling – $5000

A happy medium. We collaboratively write, design, and build a website based on what your needs are for the business. This is the best option for business owners looking to have a voice in their site’s design, but don’t have the time to write pages of content fill in site maps. All photos and logos must be provided by the customer. Includes website, blog, and social media integration.

Site includes up to 6 pages to start, each costing $100/each to build. 

The Big House – $8000+

You need help, and you don’t have time. Maybe you’re starting from scratch, or your current site is outdated. Regardless, you need a new site and you need it fast. We will build and write your site from the ground up, even designing a new logo if you desire. We’ll talk about what your requirements are, and then you can get back to work, and leave your website in good hands. Includes website, blog, and social media integration.

Site includes 8 pages to start, each costing $100/each to build and write. See “Copywriting”

Is your budget lower than $1000? Go ahead and contact us, we still like working with companies and organizations with a clear sense of why. 

*Logo design is an additional fee


Software Development

We approach software differently than most. Instead of telling you what works and expecting you to adapt, we build a custom solution for you and your industry. We begin with a very simple question:

What’s frustrating you?

We develop software to solve problems and ease frustrations. Here are a few examples of software solutions that have come from collaborative conversations with business owners.

  • A time clock app that saved payroll managers 7 business days of work per month.
  • An ordering system that streamlined orders for office managers and medical supplies. The ability to consolidate shipping and save best prices from vendors. A time and productivity savings of 4-5 days per month.
  • An online home for estate managers and personal assistants to collaborate on schedules, tasks, transportation, and communications.

What can we do for your business? You know where to start…

Content Marketing

In a digital world, where people are inundated with information, interruptions, and manipulations.

People don’t connect with these tactics. People crave authenticity, stories, and value.

This is what we deliver. 

We start with why. Why does your business exist, why should people care? From that answer, we dive in to the many ways we can share valuable information that builds relationships and tells a powerful story. Here’s the idea.

Content marketing is delivering valuable, applicable information to people, regardless of a sale. It’s building trust with people that you have their best interest in mind, know their problems, and offer a solution. Content marketing means building authority within your chosen niche, and being generous.

You build a relationship so that when a person is ready to make a decision to buy in your niche, you’re the first business on their mind. When a friend asks about your niche, the customer refers you. The very nature of your content helps overcome objections and lead to a decision.

Why? Because you have built a trusting relationship, and that is going lead to a purchase or referral.

Costs range based on projects – Ask Matt.

Web Copywriting

We normally rely on the customer to write the bulk of their content, after all you know your business the best! Basic editing and copy suggestions are included with your web design solution. If you would like for us to write all of your content, no problem.


Want some pointers on your current website’s design or communication? We can also analyze your statistics and offer solutions for how you could re-design certain elements to optimize your site. Other ways we offer help.

  • Blogging for your business
  • Social media presence and strategy
  • Guerrilla marketing and advertising methods

To book a free call or chat session about how we could help your business, email Matt.